HRM-Nordic API integration with other systems

HRM-Nordic API integration to other systems is very important to us - we are happy to develop API integrations that make the data flow easily and without manual work.

An API is explained in human terms.

An API is actually the umbilical cord between two different computer software types and can continuously and in real-time exchange data between these systems. In short, it is an interface where two computers that often do not do the same thing – can speak together in a common language that can be interpreted by computer programs.

That communication can take place no matter what language the computer programs are otherwise written in.

We believe that it is important that we put power into as many processes as possible – for example, so that both the payroll system, holiday planning, and test system are connected to HRM-Nordic so that you can have everything in one place.

An API is actually a tool.

The definition of an API is thus a set of tools that work together, and through that, you can build applications or software types across systems. With an API, you can use many different systems and programs and transfer many different data types.

It is always important to consider who manages the data – for example – is it the payroll system that received data from HRM-Nordic – here, we can push data away x number of times a day or the payroll system that updates the HR System x number of times a day.

HRM-Nordic is already integrated via the API with the following systems.

Penneo API

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