One HRM system - multiple solutions

Modular HRM system for online recruitment, employee data storage, ongoing follow-up in focus areas, and continuous dialogue between managers and employees.

HRM-Nordic is a Danish-developed HRM system that has been developed in collaboration with small and medium-sized companies. We are constantly developing the HRM system so that it meets the needs of companies at all times.

Our HRM system is modular, so a company only pays for the modules it needs. The system can also be tailored to the size of the company, and is easy to scale up or down if necessary.

The modules in HRM-Nordic

Development tools
  • Management and development of managers, employees and teams
  • Ensure an ongoing dialogue throughout the organization
  • Tailor conversation templates to your needs
  • Send out the agenda and obtain acceptance prior to the interview
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Recruitment system
  • Save time and resources with an intuitive recruitment system
  • Send out invitations to fill out personal profiles and cognitive tests to job candidates directly from the system
  • Integrable with external job sites, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Unlimited number of email templates
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Follow-up tool
  • Ongoing follow-up on KPIs and focus areas
  • Used at both individual, team, department and organizational level
  • Easy import or manual creation of respondents
  • Ensures that the finger is kept on the pulse for e.g. implementation phases
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Onboarding Module
  • Put the activities in system with standardized processes
  • Inform the person (s) responsible for the task directly
  • Follow the status of the activities on an ongoing basis
  • Flexible module for project management, intro plans and delegation of work tasks
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Employee database
  • Clear and flexible organizational structure
  • Flexible drag-and-drop setup of data fields
  • 4 user levels - access for both the super user, the manager and the employee
  • Complies with EU 2018 Data Regulation
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Contract module
  • Sign documents online
  • Create as many contract templates as you want
  • Keep track of signatures by attaching the contract to the employee
  • Compatible with Recruiting and Employee Center
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What can the HR system do?

HRM-Nordic is a modular HR system that includes following modules:

HRM-Nordic can thus support the employees entire employment period, from recruitment to dismissal. Combined with the above modules, it supports the employee by sending out job ad, digitally signing employment contracts, preparing the employee for their first day at work, storing employee data, preparing for employee development interviews, and ongoing follow-up in various focus areas.

HRM-Nordic meets the requirement of the Personal Data Ordinance (GDPR). At the same time, it simplifies the task of handling and storing employees personal data. The HRM system is divided into several user levels, where it is possible to define who is able to view, edit and create information on other employees. In addition, each employee can easily get an overview of which data registered about them via HRM-Nordic MyPage.

The HR system supports nine different languages, including Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, German etc

Aggregate employee data in one place.

One of the most basic functions of an HRM system is the storing employee data. With the HRM-Nordic Employee Center, employee data can be stored and handled correctly in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Build the Employee Center’s organizational structure and define who can access the different data levels. Read more about the HRM-Nordic Employee Center here.


Handles recruitment

With the recruitment module, the recruitment process can be streamlined – saving both time and resources. HRM-Nordic Recruiting streamlines the process and creates an overview of all applicants and job postings.

A job posting can be created with three simple steps: 1) Prepare the job posting content, 2) State which information is needed from the job candidate, 3) Ask selected questions that are crucial to the position.

Using these three steps, the range ofapplicants can be quickly narrowed down so that valuable time and resources is only spent reviewing qualified job applications.

Read more about HRM-Nordic Recruiting here.

Digital signature with HRM-Nordic e-signing

Handle digital signatures with HRM-Nordic e-signing. This module makes it easy to sign documents online. For example, contract of employment, payslips-, or other important documents.

HRM-Nordic e-signing is compatible with both Employee Center and Recruiting, so employee information can be obtained from the other modules, just as signed documents can be stored in the Employee Center.

Preboarding- & onboarding of new employees

Hiring a new employee, triggers a number of different activities: Keys or key cards must be ordered, flowers needs to be arranged for the employees first day, computer must be organised, with all the necessary programs installed, the employee must be created in the payroll system and much more. The Preboarding & onboarding module creates an overview of the various tasks.

Develop employees using the employee interview module

HRM-Nordic Development is a module that can be used to manage all types of team and employee discussions. Regardless of the purpose, different templates can be created for a conversation, for example an employee development interview.

Use HRM-Nordic Development to send an invitation and agenda to an employee prior to an employee development interview, and use the interview template to manage the interview. After the interview, the module can be used to send a final version of the agreements entered in the form, which the participating parties can approve. If neccessary, the form’s final version can be linked to the employee’s profile (employee card) in the Employee Center.

Ongoing follow-up in selected focus areas

Follow up regularly on employee well-being, on the mood in production, or on employee motivation levels with HRM-Nordic Measure. No matter which focus areas need to be monitored, this module can do so, easily and quickly.

HRM-Nordic Measure, enables you to email or text message set questions to the employees from whom feedback is required. As these individuals answer the questions, the module collects the data and compares it with previous surveys. The module sends a final report with the survey results.

How much does HRM-Nordic cost?

It used to be expensive to acquire an HRM system in the past, and it was not very flexible. Today, HRM systems are typically developed as SaaS (Software as a Service) or cloud solutions, which makes the system much more flexible. This type of system can also be accessed no matter your location and even if you do not have access to your work computer, as you log in with your own login information.

HRM-Nordic supplies you with a cloud-based HRM system where you only pay for the modules you need. Furthermore, you only pay for the number of employees in the company – and scalling up and down is easy and cheap to both scale up and down if need change.

We have developed HRM-Nordic, so it is one of the the most cost-effective HRM systems on the market today. Our various modules mean that we also offer the most in-demand solutions for an HRM system. The HRM system is continuously being developed, with new functions continiously being implemented  based on our customers’ wishes.

An HRM system saves a company significant sums, as less time and fewer resources are required to handle a wide range of of administrative tasks. The savings in time consumption are often many times greater than the investment in a system like HRM-Nordic.

Price example of HRM-Nordic's HRM-system

A company with 25 employees will often be able to implement HRM-Nordic at a cost of approx. EUR 1500 a year. The price, of course, varies depending on which modules are needed. See all our current prices here.

To ensure that you get off to a good start with HRM-Nordic, we will help you implement the HR system. If you are not sure whether HRM-Nordic is right for your company, you can try the system free of charge for 30 days – and you can also decide whether you want to try one or more modules.

How to implement the HRM-Nordic HRM-system

Implementing HRM-Nordic successfully in your company, will require your skills as well as ours. You know your company and its needs, goals and wishes, and we know what the HRM system can do to support your needs.

Therefore, we help implement the HRM system to ensure that it meets your needs and lives up to your expectations. If you want to implement the HRM system yourself without any assistance, this is also an option.

We have made a number of video guides to help you get started with HRM-Nordic – you can find them here.

You can also read more about how we help you get started with HRM-Nordic – both before, during and after implementation.

Why choose HRM-Nordic?

HRM-Nordic is an efficient and flexible HR system. Its modulare structure means that you only pay for the functions you need. In addition, HRM-Nordic is an affordable HR system, so even smaller companies can benefit from what it has to offer.

Our developers are constantly implementing valuable new features for our customers. If you think something is missing, we would love to hear your suggestion to make our system even better.

Try the HRM-Nordic HRM system free of charge for 30 days.

Unsure whether HRM-Nordic is the right solution for your company, or about which modules your company needs? Then try the HRM system free of charge for 30 days. The trial period is non-binding, and we will go out of our way to help you can make the most of your trial period.

If you have any questions about HRM-Nordic or how the system functions, or if you want to find out more, give us a call on + 45 70 26 32 25 or email us at