HRM-Nordic Employee Center FAQ

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No – you basically have unlimited – you pay for the number of people you have in the system.

A large part of securing data, cf. the GDPR, ensure that you delete the employees when the limitation period is over – so you pay for the people until you delete them.

Yes – you have administration rights and can view, customize, add, and delete.

The starting point is that all employees have an access level; some are ordinary. Employees, other managers, and others can be superusers. There may be some who can look across the organization, e.g., in a specific field. You decide which roles can see and not see, which can correct and not correct.

Yes, all employees are associated with “a chair” in the organization chart, so you first see the department chart, and then you can go into a department and see the “chairs” – it is printable.

Yes, you can extract statistics on all fields that you have set up.

Yes, we have developed it so that a “chair” is a position in the organization – and all positions have a job requirements profile, which you can fill in as job requirements. You can compare this job requirement with the person to get a GAP analysis out – others will call it a development analysis. The analysis can tell you at the individual or organizational level where development is needed.

Analysen kan fortælle dig på individ eller organisationsniveau, hvor der er behov for udvikling.

Yes, we work with both an onboarding and a preboarding. Preboarding is for all the practical things that need to happen at the startup internally. Whereas, Onboarding relates more to the employee’s own program.