HRM-Nordic Development FAQ

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Yes, you have unlimited access to create as many templates as possible.

Yes, in the fields you choose from the Employee Center to include in your template, live data will be available as both the manager and the employee prepare.

You can have several processes in progress simultaneously with different people, and it is appropriate to have an overview of how far, e.g., one department is relative to another. You get a quick overview of this visually.

No, as an administrator, you must press the envelope (one or all) to initiate the process.

Yes, the system itself sends out reminders to both the manager and the employee if they do not meet the set deadlines.

Yes, as soon as both the manager and the employee have signed, data is automatically archived and stored on the Employee Center person.

Yes, as long as you have not signed the agreement (approved it) – then you can reject it and delete the conversation and the project afterward.”